Employee Assistance Programs


ComplianceOne offers Employee Assistance Programs designed to promote safe, healthy work and home environments for employees and their families. When you choose to establish an Employee Assistance Program, you will reap many benefits including less absenteeism, lower healthcare costs, fewer workplace accidents and decreased retraining costs. Both your organization and your employees benefit when you choose to improve the quality of their lives at work and at home.
Our program includes toll free phone access to licensed mental health professionals 24/7/365, face-to-face visits with licensed mental health professionals, and financial and legal assistance for employees and their families. We can help your employees deal with issues such as depression, job stress, marital and relationship issues, harassment, substance abuse, and work/life balance. Department of Labor statistics show that organizations can lose more than $300 billion each year to issues like retraining, absenteeism and increased healthcare costs. Employers who choose to implement an Employee Assistance Program however, will see a cost savings of $5-16 for every dollar they invest in the program. Learn about our services in detail here.