Information Management

Many of the drug and alcohol testing reporting and database management requirements are covered under Third Party Administration (TPA) responsibilities. In order to meet these requirements we have designed a centralized computer processing system that will retain all appropriate records and reports.

We provide our customers with semi-annual summary reports for your reference. These reports include all information necessary to complete the Management Information System (MIS) reports as requested by DOT. Upon request, we can complete MIS reports for our employers and will forward the completed reports to the employer via email, fax or mail. Should you be audited, we can also provide all necessary information to meet your auditors requests. We also provide reporting requested by an employer to review and summarize program statistics and results.

ComplianceOne provides our customers access to their results, random selection lists, invoices, and biannual and annual summary reports through secure encrypted email. You will be issued a secure password to access your confidential information. This allows ComplianceOne to provide your information to you in the fastest most efficient means possible.

Employers can also access ComplianceOne online program that provides your organization’s drug and alcohol testing program information. You will set your own unique username and password which will allow you secure access to your organization’s records and confidential information. When you access your records you will be able to view and print test results or update employee rosters at your convenience.