DNA Paternity Testing

DNA Paternity Testing in Topeka Kansas at ComplianceOne

dnatestingComplianceOne, Inc. offers DNA Paternity testing by appointment in our Topeka, Kansas walk-in facility location. ComplianceOne offers DNA testing services that are admissible in court proceedings if needed and can be used in legal proceeding such as child custody, child support, immigration, adoption, and estate claims as well as personal purposes.

Our extensively trained staff can collect a Paternity test specimen quickly and easily, in our Topeka office. Saliva samples are obtained for this test and are safely sealed to be shipped to a laboratory. Under normal circumstances, a result will be sent back securely in 3-5 business days.

Our initial Paternity test covers up to 3 people with the ability to add other individuals as needed for an additional fee.

Who May Need to Schedule a DNA Paternity Test?

  • Lawyers or Court Services
  • Adoption Agencies
  • Estate Claims Service Agents
  • Case Managers
  • Private Citizens

How Accurate are DNA Paternity Tests?

ComplianceOne uses an accredited laboratory to ensure the 100% accuracy of your Paternity Test.
Please schedule your DNA Paternity test with us today by filling out the online form, emailing us at sass@comp-one.com, or calling us at 785-266-0484.